Von Maur Shoe Room – Great Find!!

For the past 2+ years I had obsessed over buying myself a pair of Frye boots (or per the pic on the post I did a while back, the Amelia Airhardt boots, as Bobby refers to them).

With the approach of my most recent birthday I decided to go for the splurge and buy the Frye boots, with a purchase price of around $300. Before I had the chance to order them, I was on the hunt for some dressy shoes for a work event. A co-worker told me to check out Von Maur, DSW and Nordstrom, in that order. Of course, I went in reverse and after no luck at Nordstrom or DSW, I walked into Von Maur and decided to browse the clearance room racks.

Lo and behold, there were quite a few pair of frye boots in there, on sale! I was so excited, but the thing that really caught my eye were these Coach “Whitley” boots in a nice chestnut color. Having seen the boot at regular price ($398) I didn’t have much hope for those being on the purchase list but tried them on since my shoes were already off. It fit like a GLOVE!! The boot shaft was perfect over the skinny jeans I was wearing and the color was exactly what I wanted. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I turned the boot over the check out the price…. then I quickly found a sales person to bring me the mate. Can you believe the markdown was $99?!?!?!?!?! I almost forgot I was supposed to be looking for dressy shoes! I boxed those babies up and called it a night! What a birthday!

The item of the day is the Gucci work bag. Not one in particular, but a friend was saying that she wanted to invest in a Gucci bag that is corporate office-friendly and would be a great long term investment at under $1,500. Since Gucci is usually significantly out of my price range, I only check out the bags when I’m “online play-shopping” or reading TPF or sites like that. Always one to share my personal shopping services and skills, I decided to put together a few options that I would recommend.

Guccissima Bronze Tote (great for people who like to keep their work bag and purse separate) $1,260 (SALE)

Key factors for me when finding a work-worthy bag are:

  1. papers/binders should fit comfortably in the bag should I have a meeting to attend
  2. leather, structure and quality/durability are key
  3. select a color/shade that is versatile. 

I have a black bag and a burgundy bag which typically take turns serving this purpose for me when I have to meet with executives or am required to wear a suit. The black goes with almost everything, the burgundy goes with everything else. LOL! If you REALLY want to splurge, try this Gucci Crocodile tote bag for $29,900

What a bag!!!!

5 thoughts on “Von Maur Shoe Room – Great Find!!

  1. If I have to pay over $25 for a bag, I have to think seriously about whether or not I want it. 🙂

    On another note, every time I see boots like that, I keep thinking of this quote I saw on Twitter: “The craze for over-the-knee boots has made it harder than ever to know which ladies are hookers and which ones are pirates.”

    But seriously, very cute. Glad you were able to find some that were more reasonably priced.


  2. Styln says:

    Really cute boots! Casual yet refined. I know you look great in them. Looks like you had a great birthday!

    I'd also like a Gucci bag, but the price is too way out there for me. I settled for the medium Coach Tote with the new logo print in black woven jacard and patent leather with silver chain on the handles for about $270.00. It's cute and functional.


  3. Styln says:

    Happy Valentines Day!


  4. @Maser… – LOL!!! They aren't over the knee 🙂 I can't bring myself to buy the over the knee boots, doubt I'd ever wear them! LOL@$25… Everybody has a limit and its all about what the person feels comfortable with and/or likes. I'm like that with earrings. I can't spend more than $15 on them. My grandmother HATES that, but I just don't care about earrings 🙂

    @Styln – Happy Valentine's Day! I really like a lot of the new Coach bags. Its been a while since I bought one, I've only bought one purse a year for the past few years (with the exception of an extra evening clutch). I keep saying that one year my investment piece will be a coach carryall or shoulder flap-style bag…. but that's quite a ways away! LOL


  5. @mareserinitatis – for some reason I always thing the beginning of your username is maserati… LOL


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