Can there ever be too much bling??

While I have a very strong tomboy side, my inner girly-girly screams out for attention quite often. I came across a post on GeekSugar that talked about blinged out TVs. Yes, flat panel TVs that are covered in crystals, diamonds or whatever else you can find that sparkles. From the Stuart Hughes signature collection of PrestigeHD. Sadly enough… I want one!

Here are pics of two of the TVS… 

55” TV sets…The Rose edition is the pricier one with the base and outer frame crafted in 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold, and adorned with 72 brilliant round cut 1ct flawless diamonds on the frame, with the remaining area set with Sunstone and Amethyst. The inner screen layer is made up from alligator skin, all hand sewn. The ornate make comes with a matching price tag $2.26 million” –

“… base and outer frame done in 22ct gold and encrusted with 48 diamonds with the remaining area set with Aventurine and Topazthe inner screen layer is made up from alligator skin, the price tag reads $ 1.51 million” –

AWESOME, right????? LOL!!!!

Since those are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY out of my price range, I’m gonna post an item of the day with the same theme but that I may be able to treat myself to one day (ok, maybe not, but its cheaper than the TVs and absolutely gorgeous!)

That’s the Elsa Peretti Diamond Heart Pendant from Tiffany. How lovely!!!

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