Blue Line – The End, At Forest Park

I went to the last stop on the Blue Line today (Chicago’s el for those who aren’t familiar with the trains here). Snapped a few pics and wandered around a bit. Not too many people out and the stop is in a quiet area of the near-western suburb Forest Park. It was nice and warm but kinda windy at times… but this is the “Windy City”, so that’s to be expected. Enjoy! (Disclaimer: I am not, nor do I pretend to be, any form of a photographer or a person who even knows how to use a digital camera other than crossing my fingers, pressing the button and downloading the pics)…

The Forest Park Blue Line transit center 
Danger sign, the cartoon is funny
Train pulling in
People getting off at the last stop
Man leaving the transit center in his Red Easter Suit with his iPod
Family on a stroll
The “ancient” steps
Wind and sun all in my face…horrible shot. LOL
Wind blowing through my curls… such a great feeling!
Jill Scott on iPod Shuffle with wind in curls with sun and 70+ degrees is a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY!!!!
Happy Resurrection/Easter Sunday everyone!

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