I’m officially a Burberry chick!

Thursday was truly a day of surprises!! Two of my coolest cousins (who don’t even know each other) decided to shower me with gifts! One sent a very cool Coach signature laptop sleeve in all black with a matching work tote bag as a thank you gift for me helping her out!! Totally unexpected but greatly appreciated. The other cousin bought a pair of pumps from one of our favorite websites Gilt.com and they ended up being too narrow for her so she decided to send them to me as a surprise. We wear the same size and swap shoes regularly but imagine my shock when I opened the Priority Mail box and saw these lovely black patent Burberry pumps inside!
burberry pump (4) burberry pump burberry pump (2) 
Totally hot, classic and SEXY!!! Lucky for me, I have a narrow foot and apparently Burberry caters to that, from the way these shoes fit. I felt like Cinderella prancing around the house in these babies… guess this gives me an excuse to go dress shopping!! I found a couple of ideas for a sexy all black night out in Gilt.com’s Paige Black Label sale…hmm… Should I go with a sexy, shorter low cut dress? Or a classic sheath either worn with this belt or worn with a bunch of long necklaces? Decisions, decisions…
norfolk stretch wool dress 05012010 rosebury stretch wool dress 05012010
(If you’re not a member to Gilt.com’s invitation only shopping click here to join and get awesome deals of up to 70% off on designer fashions, purses, shoes, kid’s clothing, bedding, vacation trips and everything else you can think of: http://www.gilt.com/invite/cherish).

2 thoughts on “I’m officially a Burberry chick!

  1. Styln says:

    Oh so lovely pumps! I know they look great on you. Both dresses are very nice, the low cut is more of an evening dress and the sheath can do double duty. Why not go sexy, summer is almost here!


  2. Thanks so much! I actually have an event coming up that I will wear them too. I found a dress, except its not black! I'll have to post pics!


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