Eating out in Chicago

Great things I discovered in the last week…

The Mexican Breakfast “Sandwich” at Eggstacy in Oak Brook – they could have kept the bread and piled everything else (except the onions) onto the breakfast potatoes! The chorizo was good, potatoes were tasty, salsa was just right, and I love the avocado slices they added!

“The Margarita Flight” at Zocalo in River North – Not for the faint at heart. It was so great I had to write a review on Yelp. The drinks were STRONG and the portions were enough to induce a nice, strong “buzz”!

Zocalo officially makes my list of Top 5 drinks in the city!! Other’s include:
Let’s see if anybody gets bumped off the list this summer!!!

2 thoughts on “Eating out in Chicago

  1. Styln says:

    uhoooo yummy! Chorizo me! I would sooo pig out on that!!!


  2. LOL! I love chorizo, as long as its not TOOOO spicy!!


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