I Love My Hair!

This Sesame Street video is flying around the internet and I liked it so much I made it the main video on my blog! I had been waiting and waiting for a video that inspired me nearly as much as the Dove “Evolution” ad (which showed the process of turning a model into a MODEL but pretty much creating a new, an artificial, person – which is unfortunately the image we are encouraged to envy by mainstream media). This muppet shows off her many hairstyles and sings a very cute song to show them off. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

Sesame Street “I Love My Hair”

I got my first relaxer (chemical straightening process, for those who aren’t familiar) in my kitchen when I was seven years old. Yesterday I finally watched Chris Rock’s movie “Good Hair”, and nearly cried when they showed 3 and 4 year old kids getting perms because they “needed to”! ARGH!!! They are babies!!! Overall the movie was a very interesting one… funny, yes. But it really talked about so many aspects of a Black woman’s crown and glory… and a source of so much pain, both internally and physically, that many people can never truly understand.

In undergrad I changed my regular 8 week relaxer schedule to 12 weeks, then 16 weeks, then 6 months and eventually I was getting them once a year… which was when I realized I really didn’t NEED them at all. So I stopped wasting my money on relaxers (but still fed my addition for hair coloring!). I grew my relaxed hair out, chopping it as I went to get rid of the old processed hair. I started trying new products and styling tools for straightening and began to embrace my naturally curly hair. I was initially terrified to wear it curly to work and I used to straighten my hair before job interviews or big events.  I created a “hair diary” a while back… I’m still adding old and new pics to it, but this shows fav pics of a lot of the different hair phases I’ve been through.

Now, I do whatever is convenient, because I love my hair curly AND straight and in the end, what is most important to me is having HEALTHY hair! I love to see my girlfriends, many of whom are “natural” and happy, and all the creative styles they come up with. I have lawyers and doctors and engineers and teachers in my circle who embrace their natural textures and rock em like they belong on a concert stage somewhere. Check some of us out… (No creamy crack allowed… LOL)

IMG_2002 IMG_0952 pancheros I in LA trick 045

NOW…. years later… I can actually say I LOVE MY HAIR!! I can’t imagine ever putting those chemicals in my hair or on my scalp again.

If you’re considering the transition (cause it isn’t easy for everyone!) check out some of the sites below for suggestions, inspiration and pics of other women who made the transition and are loving their hair!

Be sure to go out and get the movie “Good Hair”!

2 thoughts on “I Love My Hair!

  1. Rhapsody B. says:

    Blessings Cherish

    Well you know there is a whole politic around people of African decent hair. All the negative verbs, discriptives was thought along with all the other repressive, oppressives. One simply has to understand the texture, what works for it and what doesn't and once that is understood it is easy to embrace.

    Afro hair is the most versatile hair texture there is and also the most fragile. Although many dont associate FRAGILE with the texture it is because it is so curly and tightly coiled it lean towards dry and brittleness. One of the keys is keeping it moisturized.

    I to am natural cut off all the perm in 1999. Love the versatility of my natural hair, from curly to temporarily pressed to cornrows etc…most people when they see my hair ask me if i have extensions or weave and I promptly answer NO this is all MINE (length mid back). That is the other myth that “People of African decent hair cannot, will not grow long” excuse me? Am I a figment of your imagination. I even went so far as to have them run their hands through my hair (looking for tracts).

    Please dont misunderstand me I love the wigs, weaves, extensions etc, because its wonderful to be transformative without permanently alterning your own hair. Especially when experimenting with color. A good way to test the waters is with wigs, or simply just using wigs for a different look. I just don't always appreciate the questions or assumptions that my hair is a weave/wig/extensions.


  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    I tell people all the time, there is NO such thing as “bad hair”. Nearly any woman you ask can show you a woman with “perfect hair”… and that woman will show you someone else with hair better than hers. People have to learn to love what they were blessed with… yes, it takes time to learn what works best, but its worth it!

    As for wigs, I totally agree! When I cut my hair off years ago I went and tried on different wigs to get an idea for what I liked best.I've learned to not take the “do you have a relaxer/weave/extensions/perm?” questions too seriously. Hair is a popular topic these days and I'm more than happy to spread the knowledge and the love to my curious counterparts…. Now as for the ones that just touch without asking? They are crossing a dangerous line! LOL


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