Biting into my first apple

Believe it or not – prior to 2011 I refused to eat an apple that wasn’t covered in some form of sugary bliss (with the preference going to caramel and peanuts). I never picked up and apple and bit into it. At least not at any point I could remember in my life. I HATED “naked” apples. Hated them with a passion. That includes apple juice too.

So imagine my negative surprise when I was told that apples were good for reducing the effects of acid reflux – something I’ve unfortunately dealt with for years. I decided 2011 would be the year. I would eat an apple. Every day.
The hard part was finding WHICH apples to eat. Since the peanut apples I love from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are made with Granny Smith apples, I decided that was a good place to start…. here are my overall ratings:
Granny Smith (B-) LOVE LOVE LOVE the tart flavor, but I hated the “thicker” skin. I ended up slicing it most of the time, but when I tried to bite into it I just ended up scraping the skin with my teeth and spitting it out.
Honeycrisp (B+) Tasty and crisp, the skin is a little weird but not too bad. But the PRICE – OMG. $3.49/lb – which is easily running around $2/apple.
Braeburn (C+) Flavor is “ok” but the texture is not great. Too soft. A friend mentioned “grainy” apples and I’d guess this is what she meant.
Gala (C) texture is good, crisp is perfect. But the flavor… *turning nose up*
Pink Lady/Crips Pink (A) the CREAM of the CROP! I have been eating these non stop for 2 weeks straight. A coworker’s wife told me about them but he said he had never tried one. So I brought an extra to work and gave it to him. He loved it! And so did I! The price is ok, While Foods has organic Pink Lady apples on sale for $1.79/lb this week – time to stock up!
I found some GREAT information on the various types of apples from… check it out!
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2 thoughts on “Biting into my first apple

  1. Did you ever get around to trying a Fuji?


  2. No, I haven't tried the fuji yet! I got to the Pink lady and pretty much forgot all the others I planned to try… I'll have to do a part II for those!


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