Topshop comes to the Windy City… My Anticipation

Are you counting down Chicago???? This September the city of Chicago will get the second stateside Topshop store!!! I am so excited, as if H&M and Zara weren’t already super exciting. This will totally round out my summer shopping options. I already browsed the US site to see what’s out and created a nice “set” (new and old items) on Polyvore of the types of items I will be looking for! SecondCityStyle posted images from the preview. I can’t wait!

Topshop Wishlist

Yellow dress
$95 –

TopShop bodycon dress
$95 –

TopShop striped dress
$78 –

TopShop sequin dress
$200 –

TopShop cropped jacket
$100 –

TopShop cropped blazer
$116 –

TopShop pink romper
$75 –

Mini skirt
$80 –

$20 –

TopShop mary jane pumps
$135 –

TopShop red pumps
$110 –

TopShop leather high heels
$124 –

TopShop purple heels
$92 –

TopShop leather shoulder bag
$190 –

3 thoughts on “Topshop comes to the Windy City… My Anticipation

  1. Nikki Nails says:

    Where will it be? What kind of store does it put you in the mind frame of?


  2. Its moving into the old Borders store. I think they said its over 30,000 sf???? I think it reminds me of a blend of Zara, French Connection, Anthropologie, Mango (UK), and Urban Outfitters all combined… the prices are like H&M or Zara with special limited-edition designer lines at higher prices (like H&M does).


  3. Very exciting news! I went to Zara in Atlanta, GA Late last year. There were a lot of cute pieces, but the quality didn't live up to the price points.

    Top shop seems to have a much wider selection of things to choose from and I hope the quality is better.

    I'll have to visit and include Top Shop as a destination, for sure!


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