Working on a Sunday

I'd sooo much rather be blogging about the awesome heat wave we had earlier in the week, or the greek yogurt with fresh berries and granola that has become my daily snack, or the AWESOME time I had at Screams in the Park – the Rosemont, IL haunted house I screamed my way thru last night… Unfortunately, duty calls in the form of a 600-page document I have to review for tomorrow's meeting. I'll try not to gaze out the window too hard today…

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2 thoughts on “Working on a Sunday

  1. dayor says:

    Working on a sunday can be ^<{«]%«. Trust u did fine


  2. Thanks for stopping by! An that is sooooo true! I got the work done, but I love when I can actually enjoy my Sundays! (Not gonna happen tomorrow tho, LOL)


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