Don’t give up – There are blessings around every corner

After such a rough time in 2011 (my grandmother’s death, the car accident, and the 4.5 year “breakup”) I came into 2012 with very low expectations of doing anything beyond my regular physical therapy appointments and late nights at work trying to catch up…  but deep down inside I had high hopes for an amazing year. As the final weeks of 2012 are winding down, I can say 2012 has been an absolutely unforgettable year and every time I thought things were heading downhill, I learned that there are new blessings around every corner. Even the dark ones.

My motto for the year is posted below. Its a reminder that nothing is bigger than what God can do. Keep on trucking, and keep on believing. A little faith can go a long way.

As I enter my second Christmas season without my grandmother, I can feel her presence all the time… and not just because I wear her necklace nearly every day. The memories live strong and the love is ever apparent. As I read about the crazy events that are going on around this world, my heart aches for the families that are being destroyed and children’s whose lives are being taken during what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year in a child’s life. It makes you want to hold your loved ones a little tighter and say “I love you” a little louder.

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