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Sorting through my Mobile Uploads–2011 Random

Every once in a while I gather all of the photos I meant to post into a single blog… here is your entertainment for the week with a summary of some of the year’s events so far…


Valentine’s Day/February Birthday celebrations with the girls at Benihana – the chef left me a message *smile*.


Took this pic of a page in the Macy’s ad and went to find it… In the end didn’t buy it. The model must be way taller than me.


My dad was in Chicago the weekend I took my license and took me on a father daughter movie date that night.


A manager posting this after repeatedly telling me to stop walking/running so fast in the office.


I made it to the United Center taping of the Oprah show. It was the BEST concert ever!!!! I had a blast!!


Spent the holidays with my favorite little cousins at Navy Pier.


Took a trip to Detroit and got to see my Papa’s growing urban garden, including the cantaloupe along the fence (its hanging in the bag in the 3rd pic above).


Oh, and I grew my hair out!!! This pic is from June/July when I first straightened it after a few months of wearing it curly.

When I get a chance, I’ll post the food pics… there were too many to include on this post!!

Catering to my inner (imaginary) Puerto Rican side

I am the product of two Black parents…. but I swear there has to be some Latin in my blood, based on the way I obsess over the food. Here in Chicago, we have a number of places that claim to have the best JIBARITOS, and after trying out a few, we’ve found our A+ spot – Papa’s Cache Sobroso in Humboldt Park (with the jibarito originator “Borinquen” pulling a close second for the sandwich, but taking #1 for mofongo in Chicago).

For a while, Bobby and I were making regular trips for their tender, tasty rotisserie chicken dishes (with Spanish rice and tostones) and the wonderful jibarito sandwiches. The prices are what we call EXCELLENT for date night (dinner for 2 can easily come in under $20 and you’ll be full when you leave). This is a pic of our standard meal – a steak jibarito with Spanish rice. The sandwich comes with cheese (“white” or “yellow”), lettuce (which I remove), tomato, and mayo. Instead of bread you get all of this smashed between two perfectly fried garlicky plantains. Here’s a pic from our last trip to Papa’s…


After a few regular trips, it got me to thinking…. can I channel my inner imaginary Puerto Rican and make this dish myself??? Hmmm…..Why not try??? The hardest part was the research on cutting and frying the plantains… oh, and seeing the amount of oil that I had to use. LOL (don’t ask for nutritional content on this sandwich, I have convinced myself it doesn’t exist). In the end, my version came pretty close visually and the flavor was really good!!! I’ll definitely have to add this to my successful recipe list!

Plantains frying in the skilletSandwich openedFinished meal - great presentation :-)

The item of the day, since I’m in a cooking mood, is something I have no room for in my kitchen but sure plan to get one day….. A couple of years ago my cousin found a great recipe a while back for potatoes au gratin that included Jarlsberg and Raclette cheeses (both of which were expensive and difficult to locate among the abundance of cheeses in Whole Foods). This was the BEST side ever. Half of the fun was in making it, and I had the job of potato slicer. In my kitchen this would be dreadful, with my somewhat dull knives and shaky hands. But in her kitchen I learned about a “mandoline” (a.k.a. “slicer”)… talk about amazing!

I don’t recall the brand she had, but it was similar to this one by Oxo, featured on the William Sonoma website:

oxo madeline slicer

Based on my past experiences (and the line on my pinky from the stitches that I got after slicing an avocado the wrong way) I think this may be a good idea to go with my mandoline, whenever I get it… the cut resistant glove from Microplane. Great invention indeed:


If I don’t see you before then…

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Sorting through my Mobile Uploads–Crazy Edition

Many of my friends on Facebook joke about my fondness of my Blackberry Tour’s camera and capturing the unexpected moments that occur right in front of my eyes…  Today I realized that I had nearly 300 photos on my phone’s memory card so while I’m organizing and deleting. I definitely think some of these are funny enough that they should be shared with the rest of my blog readers… Check out these hilarious pics and the captions beneath them… I’ll be sure to post more later on. Obviously there are PLENTY to go around, so look for the Fashion, Travel and Food editions to follow!


An EXTREEEEMLY drunk guy at the casino trying to get a crippled April to go home with him and become his wife, while Sharon happily pushes April’s wheelchair so she’s practically in the guy’s lap. LOL – I love my girls….


Amtrak took a “smoke break” at one of the stops and we hopped off, into the COLD weather, only to see a very tall guy wearing the world’s shortest shorts ever. Nice legs.


My grandfather decided he wanted a garden in his Detroit backyard and got a little carried away… a few months later he had taken over the backyard and converted it to a farm.


Bobby’s roommate (car on left) came home a little “tipsy” and decided to park in the END SPOT, against my car (on right) leaving me NO SPACE to get  out. I sent this pic along with some choice words.


When my 5 year old cousin BJ found out I “work with Ronald McDonald”, his response was “So… Cousin Cherish works with a clown? Like, in her office?” Hahaha – I swear he thinks like a grown man.


Father son duo taking a scooter ride down the street. Poor kid… I sure hope that man doesn’t have gas.


Suburban prostitute trying to get a gig but doing stretches, on the corner, in shorts, on a brisk Spring day. Get it girl! *giggle*


The most appropriate cake-topper for my relationship… and the very close runner up.

mirror mirror after an hour

The photo I showed the beautician, and the hair style she gave me because she felt it look better. Thus, I would NEVER recommend Stacey at Mirror Mirror Salon in Chicago unless I wanted to make sure you look way worse than I do.

horse orgy

And last, but not least… My brother, Bravo, got bored in a CVS one morning and starting rearranging the toys and sent me a pic… *shaking my head*

The item of the day is the Barnes and Noble Nook Color, available for $249 at or Best!!! This e-reader looks AMAZING and has been getting good reviews. I asked my parents for a Nook for Christmas, I would love the color edition for magazine reading, but really don’t NEED it so the basic version of the Nook would be ok for me. I’ve debated buying an e-reader for a couple of years, and many of my friends that have them absolutely love them!

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