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Shoes for the Komen 3-Day 60 Mile Walk

in 2012 I wore the Nike LunarEclispe 2 on Days 2 and 3 of the walk. For Day 1 I wore a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 that I loved but after many years of wear I didn’t think they would survive Day 1, let alone the whole weekend.


(My shoe pictured on the right)

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Susan G Komen 3-Day 60 Mile Walk

This August, my step-mom, sister-cousin (the cousin that’s more like a sister) and her friend will all join the thousands of women who have walked 60 miles to raise money for the cure! This is my first time ever doing anything even remotely close to this, so I am just as terrified as I am excited. Initially 60 miles seemed like a bit of a distance… but now I realize that is LONG AS HELL!!!!

I mean, I don’t even like to DRIVE 60 miles to the outlet malls. I can barely ride a bike 5 miles and I hadn’t jogged over a single miles in years until very recently (and by over a mile I literally mean 1.25 miles). My chiropractor and I are observing my training closely, but I am hopeful that on August 17th I will be in the best condition possible.

I have almost hit my minimum goal of $2300 as of today. I still have a little ways to go, but the support has been tremendous so far!! If you have a few bucks to donate to the cause, please click the link below! We are walking in honor and memory of friends, family members, coworkers and colleagues who have been affected by breast cancer, whether directly or through their own circles. Please take a moment to learn about the 3-day, 60 mile walk and all the lives that are touched by this annual fundraiser!

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen Michigan 3-Day

…or go here to donate (and pass the link along!!) –

Lupus Alliance of America

We interrupt the “irrelevant” posts for a very relevant post… last year I announced my participation in one of the Michigan Lupus walks in support of my best friend, Sharon, who has been fighting winning her battle with lupus since 2001. Well, that time is here again and Team Cakesy needs your support! Below is her email.

Hey there,

First, I want to thank you for your love and support especially during the last year. My 2008 and 2009 was pure health hell but because of you interceding for me, lupus has grown and enlightened me is so many ways.

Two of the most wonderful ladies that I know, Cherish and April, have decided to continue on with the Lupus Walk this year on TEAM Cakesy’s behalf and we are asking for your donation in whatever amount. No one has to tell me how tight times are and if all you are able to spare is $5, please give that $5 like it’s a million. Last year, our fundraising goal was $3,000. We wound up raising more than $4,500.

All funds raised go to benefit the Lupus Alliance of America Michigan Indiana Affiliate. It is the only lupus organization in Michigan that helps folks like me. Last year, due to the fact that I didn’t have any insurance that covered my medication, this organization provided what I needed to keep me alive. At this point, I am unsure of who knows what about my ordeal but I needed chemotherapy to help Sharon get back to being Sharon. The Alliance stepped in and gave me what I needed and then a couple of months later, a job. I am currently the Media Director for the organization. Haha! Isn’t it funny how things work out?!?

Just within the last couple of months alone, I have written and had 2 newspaper articles published. I have been in a Lupus Alliance commercial that was shown throughout Michigan and Indiana and I was also featured on PBS ‘A Wider World’ news show about my battle with lupus. I was also a guest on the CW50 television show ‘Street Beat’. I have been to Washington, DC twice to lobby Congress on behalf of the Alliance. As a result of our hard work, we currently have two Appropriation’s Requests both worth $650,000 each in the offices of the Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick and Congressman John Conyers. We should find out soon whether or not the requests were approved. If they are, the appropriations will change the dynamic of the Alliance drastically which is a good thing. We can help more folks and keep more daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, cousins, brothers, fathers, everyone’s loved ones alive.

I didn’t mention my awareness successes in an effort to pat myself on the back. I mentioned them to remind you to never tell God how big the storm is but always tell the storm how big your God is. Things have a supernatural way of working out in your favor ;).

The fundraising page is here. If you have any questions, contact me. Please forward this at your discretion. Thanks for all that you have done and will do.

Be Encouraged and Be Blessed,

Sharon (‘Cakesy’)

Please support us in anyway you can, even if its simply passing the word along! I posted a donation badge to the right of my page. If you are in the Detroit-area and would like to walk with us on September 25, or even start your own team for the walk, please do not hesitate to sign up HERE –>

Peace and love, Cherish (and Sharon and April)

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Help the Hospitality House win $10,000!

This is an email regarding the rec center that I volunteer at and the contest they entered to win $10,000. Please take a minute to vote and pass this info along to friends so they can vote. See below for the mission statement…

VOTE  EVERY Single Day starting April 1st – April 15th  for HOSPITALITY HOUSE!

Hospitality House Youth Directions has been selected to be one of the five 2007 Fan Appreciation Month grant recipient finalists for our Midnight Basketball Program!!!! The awardee of this $10,000 grant (HOSPITALITY HOUSE YEAH!! J ) will be selected by fans.   (THAT’S YOU!)


Go to the Timberwolves website and find “Click Here to Vote” under this logo shown on the left. The box will come up and once you select “Hospitality House”, enter the password that appears in white text in a blue box just above the “submit” button. You may only vote once daily so please come back each day!


Please vote & forward this message to all you know every day until April 16TH

Thank You for Supporting Hospitality House Youth Directions!  

Finalist: Hospitality House Youth Directions – Midnight Basketball
Mission Statement
: To provide a Christian outreach focused on the spiritual, intellectual and physical development of urban youth. Hospitality House Youth Directions reaches out to young people, ages 6-22, in their physical and intellectual development, their social integration and their spiritual birth and growth in Jesus Christ. Their strategy is four-fold: go where the youth are…the schools, the parks, the street, to meet the real needs of urban youth, provide a holistic ministry, keep the programs Christ-centered and raise up a new generation of young people who will assume leadership roles in their communities. The purpose of the Midnight Basketball program is to offer hope where there is little; to enrich misplaced lives; and re-direct young people away from an environment of guns, drugs, and the criminal justice system.