Lots of nothing to talk about….

Last week was a little draining. Monday the forecasted high of 74 turned out to be 82 degrees. Absolutely beautiful!!! But, I got a little too excited about it and lost my common sense… After work I went home, threw on some shorts and sandals and went downtown for a little walking and shopping on Nicollet Mall (see photos below, for those of you who haven’t been to downtown MPLS). That choice of clothing may have not been the best decision now that I look back. After the high temperature dropped 30 degrees for the following day and it began to rain EVERYDAY last week, I felt the sickness coming on. All week my coworkers were coughing, sneezing, hacking or blowing – causing me to cringe and have nightmares of the germs floating in the air. Aleve Cold and Sinus was definitely my best friend this week…


On a more positive note – Macy’s had a sale this week – extra 30% off all sale and clearance, with an ADDITIONAL 20% off that price if you use your Macy’s card. I made 3… or 4 visits to the downtown Macy’s and managed to find some great items. My search for the ultimate trench coat is on hold right now. I ended up buying a khaki Tahari jacket that I’ve had my eye on for a while and while its too thin to get much use out of now, I really wanted it – and at $60 (marked down from $220) I just couldn’t pass it up. I also got a Tahari blouse ($98 marked down to $13) that will go really nice with a pair of slacks this summer and a red dress by Velvet for Sharifa ($120 marked down to $24 – just like the one I posted a few months ago).

Last weekend I found a navy blue spring coat for sale at a boutique in Arbor Lakes (only $30, marked down from $62). It has a cute hood and belt with nice buttons, but I think I bought it a size too small… it fit good at first, but when I sat in the car, reached for the steering wheel and heard a LOUD riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip, I realized it was too small. Luckily the rip was on the inside lining, so I can still wear it. I also found this gray dress/shirt in my closet, still with tags. I bought it back in Feb when I was in Vegas. I tried it on with and without a wide belt. I am considering wearing it as a minidress before the warm weather hits…


Saks Fifth Avenue’s Off Fifth Outlet downtown has a designer preview sale. I walked in there totally excited, but did not find much. I left out with just these cute Michael Kors wedge sandals ($44 marked down from $129). I have a few summer dresses that will look nice with these shoes.

I was surfing the net this week and came across an article on the Hip Candy blog about straight men wearing heels… uh… no….. That’s just not right. Old dude in the middle has on 5″ heels. I can’t imagine going on a date with a man whose shoes are HIGHER THAN MINE!!! Ugh. Who is gonna carry who to the car after the club when your feet are hurting??? As if that weren’t enough, there is a website called the High Heel Place dedicated to men who enjoy wearing heels (that’s where the second pic came from)… what is the world coming to??

I finished the week by going to see TMNT! I was caught totally off guard because I had no idea that it was going to be animated! The plot was simply OK, but the graphics were great. I loved the turtles but was somewhat disappointed at “April” have a DD chest and a 18″ waist line. So unrealistic in this age of unsafe trends like anorexia…


And by special request, the Item of the Day is the 6″ leather ballet heel from the Beyonce Green Light video. I can’t find that actual shoe online but there are plenty of others like it at this website. I would have been cut that day for falling over repeatedly in that shoe… its funny how in this scene of the video you can see the 3rd chick trying to suck her stomach in without passing out when the camera zooms past her… LOL

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