Tomorrow is my first meeting with my new Society of Women Engineers mentee. I’m really excited and looking forward to meeting her, she is a student at the University of Minnesota who is interested in Construction Management. As an engineer, I steer clear of the project managers as much as possible, so I’m hoping that I can be of some sort of help to her in that area. But I guess her advantage in having me as a mentor will be the fact that my company is loaded with construction project managers that would be more than happy to fill in the blanks…. this makes me think of my mentor, Coy. I “found” him on when I was in grad school. He was a civil engineer about 30 years older than me (he has kids my age) and enjoyed listening to audiobooks in the car. I haven’t talked with him in at least a year but suddenly I miss those conversations. He was much more than a professional supporter, he was spiritually uplifting and motivating. I will write him this week!!

Tuesday is school night for me. Except I’m done with all of the boring stuff classes. This is a personal and professional development move. This is Improv class. Yes, me – learning how to be even more sharp with my sarcasm. If you thought I had you in stitches before – wait until I graduate! I hear that is a good way to improve your public speaking ability and comfort levels. After doing some of the things we do in our class of 15 strangers, stumbling over a word or two in front of a crowd of coworkers is nothing at all. I thought it would be really corny, but I can truly say I enjoy that two hours a week. Everyone get ready – I’m coming to a city near you soon!

On the shopping tip, I’m not happy. I found the absolute cutest black Tahari pantsuit on clearance at Macy’s (with and additional 30% + 15% off) – but they did not have the pants in my size. I went to two stores and had them check a few more. No luck. I settled on a gray Anne Klein pant suit that looks really nice and professional. I’ve been on this suit kick all week and unfortunately, the models online don’t usually have the shape to make them look flattering so its hard to go off the photos. But I did find a few designer suits that could potentially turn a few heads on the way to the collection plate or even take my career to the next level… (that’s a hint to those of you still trying to decide what to get me for my birthday on Thursday!!!)

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