And Life Goes On…

So my day of glory, filled with countless cards, emails, calls, text messages, flowers and balloons, has ended. I felt soooo incredibly loved! It was fun while it lasted (disregarding the fact that I spent majority of it at my desk). I treated myself to a nice dinner at Olive Garden where the extremely fine, young Keanu Reeves look-a-like bartender hooked up a couple of Berry Sangrias and kept me company. I enjoyed the convo so much and I hated to leave him but I had to rush home to watch ER. I’m kinda sad now that Forrest Whitaker won’t be in any more episodes since he killed himself. He definitely brought a brief rush of over-the-top, stalker-type excitement to the show.

I had a list of personal shopping to do for Granny and Sharifa so I headed back over to Macy’s for their “Extra 40% off Sale and Clearance Sale”. I didn’t see anything good for Granny but I did great for my best friend! I normally just do a guess-timate of my savings, but this time I was so convinced I had racked up amazing savings that I pulled out the calculator immediately. Total retail tag prices came to $1454. Total spent – $312 (no tax here!) That means an overall savings of 79%. And I was actually a little disappointed because I was aiming for 85% but that one Tahari blouse was only marked down 45% and it messed up my curve – that ended up being the most expensive item at $53, but I couldn’t pass it up – I knew she would love it! Here are some of the great finds that will be gracing her closet shortly…

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Anybody wearing an XS want to buy the last dress off my hands? (Sale price was $49) She’s scared of the belt so I’m not even going to waste my postage sending it to her… it’s in my return pile now because I sure don’t need yet another little black dress.

As my “shopper’s fee” I threw in a cream Calvin Klein knit vest and a pair of Laundry by Shelli Segal skinny pants that I’m keeping for myself ($15 – marked down from $128). I can’t wait to wear them!

On another note – I decided that I’m not leaving the house all weekend. We have a wind chill advisory in effect until MONDAY!!!! The Accuweather “Real Feel” temperature for today is -31! If I go anywhere this weekend it must involve parking in an indoor garage and taking the skyways so I can’t feel the wind outdoors.

So… onto the fun part! My item of the day is the BEAUTIFUL Julie handbag by Bottega Veneta. At $1550 you still couldn’t wear it tomorrow because its on pre-order for the spring. But this bag is absolutely gorgeous and would look even better on my arm…

P.S. – I get a few people who email me about the item of the day being so expensive. Its usually just a “dream list” item. Something I would (could) never actually buy, at least not at the regular price 🙂

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