The Fun Continues…

I can’t help but be behind on my blogging… too much fun in too little time. One more wedding down and one to go. The last one was in Gary, IN – just outside of Chicago. Luckily, I have more time to plan for the meet the parents trip – it was impossible to squeeze that in. Knowing that the wedding was coming up, Bobby and I had a conversation back in August that went like this:

Bobby: Hey, aren’t you going to a wedding next month?

Cherish: Yeah, why… do you want to go with me?

Bobby: Well, I guess I could. It would be nice to meet your friends.

Cherish: Well, these will be all of the crazy friends and I am not sure if their husbands/boyfriends are coming.

Bobby: **hesitates* Well, that’s ok. I’ll still go with you.

Cherish: Really? Cool.

Bobby: So where is this wedding?

Cherish: Gary, IN

Bobby: Gary???? Oh hell no. I am not going to Gary. And you need to be staying at home yourself!!!!

So, having driven through Gary a small handful of times in the past, I really didn’t know much about the city or what I was getting myself into. It was like a little version of the East Side of Detroit. Made me feel at home. And I hadn’t seen so many Black people in a long time. Well, not since I was in Detroit for Labor Day. But while the wedding was beautiful the city made for great jokes. Can you imagine 2 of your typical bourgeois AKA’s with 3 of the most ghetto AKA’s all in one vehicle riding through the hood??? I swear I need my own reality show. We went into SaveMore (all dressed in black – at the bride’s request) and all of the men were hooting and hollering about “the sexy chicks leaving the funeral”. It was definitely a party to remember – complete with people wearing suits in every Skittles color imaginable. Aside from the actual wedding. we spent the rest of the weekend in Chicago having a blast. Here are some pics of the city and the wedding/party/crunkfest…. and yes – we did the SOUJA BOY at the reception!

Back in Chicago we spent Sunday morning at YOLK – my new favorite Chicago breakfast spot! Everyone held up their food for the camera. It was great!

Then we had to say good-bye so I could catch my flight!! I was so sad – I love hanging out with these girls. They are the coolest!


In honor of my trip – my item of the day is the AMP energy drink. I needed one so bad by the end of the trip. Some people like Red Bull, some like Sobe… I prefer AMP (by the makers of Mountain Dew) because it tastes like super potent Mountain Dew and does the job. I drank a lot of that stuff back in college on long road trips and some days I feel like I am borderline feigning for one! Have a fun weekend!

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