Help for the Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is always a day to sit back and reflect on the things that we are thankful for. So often we are overwhelmed with our day to day activities, families and spending time with friends that we forget to say thank you – to God and to them – for the blessings in our lives. This year I had so much to be thankful for. I must admit that the holiday weekend itself was a bit stressful – my grandmother was sick, I ended up meeting “his” extended family, and there was an episode of car/air sickness each of the 5 days of my vacation. But overall, things worked out just fine and I had a very memorable time. On Thanksgiving day – in South Bend, IN – there was a beautiful snow blanket over all the trees and grass. It was my first time seeing snow this season. From inside a warm house I was actually happy and excited about it…. now had I been driving in it this I may feel much differently!!!! Here are some (bad) pics I took in Chicago… pretty lame, huh? No photography motivation that day…

The biggest excitement (for me) around this time used to be shopping for Christmas party outfits! But now that my new company doesn’t have the big holiday gala that I used to attend, I’ll save some money since I’m not buying an outfit…. but I’m missing on the fun of shopping. So for those of you who have holiday parties, dinners and galas to attend, here are a few ideas I found on the net. This year is all about satin, sequin and jewel toned sophistication – Here’s to a glamorous Holiday season!!!!



Knee Length…

and Minis…

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And since I heard that my blog doesn’t cater to the men enough – here are some looks to help you debonair young men keep up with your woman at the events of the year!


For you men who are attending formal events this season (or in the future) head over to GQ on and see the earn all about How To Wear A Tux.

Good luck with your shopping! Let me know if you find anything good!

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