Reflections on Friendship

Today was a day of reflections… and while most people are reflecting because of some new years resolution they’ve made, my reflection happened unintentionally. My “Detroit crew” and I ran across some photos of a girls trip we took a few years ago when I lived in Minneapolis. My girls all flew up to keep me company over the extended Labor Day weekend. It was one of the most memorable trips I have ever had and to this day I look forward to us having many more trips and fun times.

the girls at briocherish and sharonIMG_1250

I got to thinking about my “bestest” friends from my Detroit crew and how each has such a special place in my heart. They are all completely different women, on completely different paths who have taught me soo many things in this lifetime we’ve known each other. I always wish there was something super special I could do for each of them, but until I am making that kind of moo-lah, we’ll just have to keep taking our trips, sending daily email updates and enjoying every moment we are able to spend together.

da girls smallStar Southfield 2005Class Reunion 2007 112

People have come and gone in each of our lives and we’ve had our own periods of solitude and limited communication, but through it all I have never worried whether one of them would answer my call or have my back. I can recall the dreams and plans we’ve had over the years – the laundromat, the bar, the inner-city recreation center… so many plans that I still hope will come true someday!

I love my friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! The word friend is an understatement, these are my sisters in every sense of the word. I am wishing all of them, and all of you a blessed and happy 2009!

For the item of the day I was going to post this Tiffany bracelet with the heart charm that says “Sisters” but it won’t load the page and Chrome froze up on it so I quit… at $265 its a bit pricey to buy one for each of my sisters right now, but until then I will continue to show them my love in every way I can!

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