One Month – Spend No Money: Day Ten

Sigh. Withdrawal is setting in. The cravings for all of the things I don’t deny myself of during a typical month are HIGH. I want Chipotle. I want a tomato basil quiche from Argo Tea. I want my morning honey banana oatmeal from Corner Bakery. I want a Berry Fizz from Grand Lux Cafe. And tilapia tacos from Carbon – with guacamole. And new gym shoes. And a new jacket. And a new pair of Joe’s Jeans. I want, I want, I want…. I even tried to get my dad to give me his credit card number so I could use it to add money to my Cosi gift card. It didn’t work. He told me to go ahead and cheat because he’s positive April is cheating. Well, let her cheat!! I am not going to do it!

On top of this – today is the first day of Lent. What did I give up for Lent this year? Macy’s. In-store and On-line. Shopping and browsing. As if to rub salt on the would, I received about $90 in gift cards AND 4 coupons YESTERDAY from my Granny. Its cool. I can do this. 40 Days. I’m going to need prayer. I keep reminding myself that my reward will be my trip a week after Easter. I’ll take my gift cards that week and go shopping!

scream <-how I feel about it

Yesterday my Aunt Shelley came to town for a day trip to Chicago. My cousin Cheryl picked her up and they came with Margo to scoop me up and we went to Carbon. My auntie bought me a burrito bowl. I love her 🙂 Just for her generosity, I am going to help her hook up her new toys when I go back to Detroit!!

cherish and shelley <- Aunt Shelley

Item of the day?

Gmail accounts!! (really… I’m so serious…) It took a LONG time, and I mean a LONG time to really learn to like my gmail account but now I love it. And it seems that most of my friends have them too. As they continue to add more features, it becomes increasingly fun to use! I know this is a Windows Live Blog, but I just do not like my hotmail/msn account anymore. If I didn’t like Windows Live Spaces as much as I do I would have rid myself of the email address long ago. Any other gmail users out there?? Love it or Hate it?? I’d love to hear your thoughts on your preferred email service…..

dog email.jpg

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