Corporate Holiday Party Dress

So I promised my friend over at The Working Wardrobe that I would post a pic of my final decision for the semi-formal/business-attire company holiday party that was held last month! I was so “rush-rush” after a couple of weeks of finding nothing that truly inspired me. At 1PM the day of the event I tried on a beautiful dress and made my final decision!! I had some photos take for my birthday and wore the dress in a few shots. Check it out!

Dress: Trina Turk (on sale at Macy’s for 60% off!)
Shoes: Mui Mui (bronze leather with rhinestone heels, a Christmas gift from 2006)
Makeup: Me – Dior Addict high Shine in Chestnut Chic
Nails: OPI – Meet me on the Star Ferry (the new Hong Kong collection)
**The pics are still raw so just ignore the barely-there Spanx line to all of you over-critiquers… LOL

2 thoughts on “Corporate Holiday Party Dress

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that your serious model face or did you just get some bad news? Looking good (and sad) either way…



  2. Thanks for stopping by Mr Bean 🙂 I had a few serious and a few smiling… Couldn't post too many pics since they are still raw images and I didn't want the photographer to get me! LOL


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